Scotland Core Circle

Haegue YangGlasgow Sculpture Studios, 2013

Glasgow Sculpture Studios invited internationally acclaimed Korean artist Haegue Yang (Seoul, 1971) to participate in a Production Residency at GSS from June to September 2013. Using GSS’s extensive production facilities and tapping into the organisation’s technical and curatorial expertise, the artist created a new body of contemporary sculpture, conceived and produced for an exhibition entitled Journal of Bouba/kiki at GSS from 5 October to 20 December 2013. This was the artist’s first show in Scotland.

Outset Scotland provided the funds to develop an extensive learning and public engagement programme to run alongside Yang’s residency. A series of talks, hands-on workshops and artist-led activities offered a unique opportunity for fellow studio holders, GSS technicians and the wider artistic community to explore the concepts prevalent in Yang’s work, and to learn from the advanced material processes she was developing.

Yang is an artist that continuously pushes the boundaries of her practice, engaging with new methodologies and ways of making. Her works often incorporate innovative technologies with traditional craft techniques, which provide an interesting juxtaposition of old and new, low-fi and high-tech. Through regular contact with Yang, the artists and technicians at GSS had the opportunity to engage in critical discourse and cultural exchange, and enhance their current capabilities and skill-sets through first-hand exposure to her working processes. Alongside the internal learning opportunities afforded by Yang’s residency, GSS ran a series of artist-led workshops for young adults exploring the themes and techniques in the artist’s work. These participatory activities encouraged new technical skills and helped to enhance participants’ understanding of, and connection to, contemporary sculptural practice.