Hypercomf‘Polycelium.net ’, 2019–2020

Polycelium.net is an online free association archival artwork documenting the urban ecosystem and the varied  narratives of interaction between humans, the landscapers of this anthropocentric environment and the other lifeforms and individual organisms and networks it hosts. Earth’s habitable spaces are becoming more and more urbanised and the human population is simultaneously expanding and condensing in cities. This process is developing new types of ecosystems, shaped by urbanophile organisms, anthropogenic landscapes and networks defined by a human perspective on what nature ideally does, who it serves and what it looks like. New communities and subcultures are being developed within these systems, built, sustained and defined by the pursuit to reconnect with nature in a most impossible situation, that begins by being born in to the comforts provided by disconnecting with nature.  The honest need to “reconnect” also becomes a tool for business, branding, addressing modern survival methods, and culture forming. 

Polycelium.net (work still in progress), documents these interactions in the city of New York, a densely inhabited location, yet, in relation, a surprisingly rich natural ecosystem. Where traditions and subcultures have been developing on the thin line between the urban and the natural for many years, nowadays this thin line densely populated too, a fertile ground for all sorts of intentions and endeavours, in many cases new waves of commercially based perspectives and experiments. Polycelium.net is the documentation of inhabiting this international pressure point in place in time.

WEBSITE OF THE PROJECT: www.polycelium.net

LOCATION: Pioneer Works , 159 Pioneer Street, BROOKLYN, NY 11231

OPENING HOURS: Wednesday-Sunday 12:00 – 19:00 ( December 23 – February 21, by appointment only)




Pioneer Works




2019, 2020