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Céline Condorelli, Ella Kruglyanskaya‘How to work together’, 2013

Outset is delighted to support How to work together, a major new collaboration between three of London’s leading not-for-profit contemporary art galleries, which Outset has been funding in the past: Chisenhale Gallery, The Showroom and Studio Voltaire.

Together, over three years, How to work together will produce a series of artists’ commissions, exhibitions, events and an online think tank, inviting an exciting range of artists, writers and designers to respond to the question of How to work together. The participating institutions are combining their knowledge and resources to discover what they can do together that they could not do alone. 

Polly Staple, Director Chisenhale Gallery, Emily Pethick, Director The Showroom, and Joe Scotland, Director Studio Voltaire, said: ‘How to work together will reveal what our galleries – on the east, north and south fringes of central London – can do together that we could not do apart. Our organisations already share common ground and a track record for supporting emerging and under-represented artists to produce and present ambitious new work. Together we can expand our artistic programmes, commission and show more incredible new work, reach new audiences, and develop new ways of raising money to drive our organisations forward. Through pooling our resources and knowledge we can create a new model of collaboration for the visual arts.’

Beginning with a research visit to Studio Voltaire in June 2013, Kruglyanskaya will make a new body of work in response to the proposition of ‘how to work together’. The work will be exhibited in May/June 2014 following a sustained production residency period in London.

Ella Kruglyanskaya’s exuberant paintings are full of very colourful women. They are friends and ‘frienemies’, down at the beach, out-and-about, running from a menacing presence: enforced neighbours butting against each other in the tight space of the stretched canvas. Predominately working in oil on canvas and egg tempera on wooden panels, there is strong graphic sensibility. Krugluanskaya’s women are somewhat cartoon-like, appearing flatly within the picture plane and parodying a particular representation of female sexuality and social interaction.

Chisenhale Gallery has commissioned artist Céline Condorelli, who has for some time been researching the subject of work in friendship, and friendship in work. This coincides with her ongoing interest in support structures and her consideration of ‘forms of commons and commonality, making a small, specific cut into the large question of how to live autonomously and together by focusing on old and new enclosures, forms of communing and of being in common’. Condorelli invites her audience to think of friendship as one of the ways in which we engage with the world at large and culture in particular.

In her ongoing conversations with sociologist and friend Avery Gordon, Condorelli visits friendships formed by making common cause amongst the excluded, the marginalised and the dispossessed – resulting in a growing bibliography on work and friendship.  

Think tank

The Think tank is an ongoing online library of new research that will build over the three years of How to work together. Artists, researchers and thinkers from many fields are invited to to join an open exploration of ‘how to work together’: as it might relate to the organisations’ work, the artists they are collaborating with and their local communities, as well as in society, politics and economics. ‘How to work together’ hopes to draw connections and reveal themes as the project grows and new contributions are added. Think tank commissions will be published here on the How to work together website and through a public programme that will include art works, research papers, essays, discussion events and performances.