Johnston Sheard‘How Can You Love Me Knowing That I Could Never Love You: Part 2’, 2018

Outset England supported JOHNSTON SHEARD’s “How Can You Love Me Knowing That I Could Never Love You: Part 2” (2018).

The show was curated by THOMAS CUCKLE as part of the Outset Baker Street  Residency.

The exhibition was made up of both sculptural and installation work as well as an improved musical séance, titled “Life is Short but Love is Long”.  SHEARD ’s sculptures – made of shells, feathers, fossils, dead flowers – come to resemble hermaphroditic creatures, inviting sympathy and revulsion in equal measures.

This body of work forms part of SHEARD’s ongoing project of the same title, which consists of sculpture, installation and video work.

The first of these instalments, “How Can You Love Me Knowing That I Could Never Love You: Part 1” took place at the Kunstraum in June 2017, and featured collaborative work with NILS ALIX-TABELING.

“Brought together for the first time at 91-93 Baker Street, Sheard’s latest works occupy a redefined theological universe in which the hero journeys through various lifetimes; from his slow suicide on a Florida beach, to gatecrashing someone’s dream, to being reincarnated in the bodies of twelve donkeys. All in a bid to retrieve his true love and prove that not everything has to be ephemeral. Deep within the quantum, he believes, love must stay connected forever, like entangled photons communicating faster than light.” – THOMAS CUCKLE, curator

Outset Estonia has supported two conceptually-related productions of mine. Outset’s support was essential in making them happen. The fact that there were live actors and technical complexities added to the production costs and the risks I had to take on. I was so happy when Outset decided to support my first performance and back me at this crucial time of a completely new approach in my work.

Marge Monko, artist