Heba AminResidency, 2016

Outset Germany is pleased to support the residency of Heba Amin at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, from mid-June until end of August 2016.

Heba Y. Amin’s work is embedded in extensive research and a studio practice that looks at the convergence of politics, technology, and urbanism. Working with various media, her work investigates the impact of infrastructure on the human psyche through junctures, glitches and flawed memory. She is particularly interested in tactics of subversion and techniques used to undermine systems as well as topics surrounding critical spatial practice. Recently her work is preoccupied with the frameworks of space and territorial demarcations in conflict territories, particularly in the era of digitization. While at Bethanien she will be working on various works exploring these concepts.

HEBA Y AMIN (b. 1980, Cairo) is an Egyptian visual artist, researcher and, currently, the curator of visual art for the MIZNA journal (USA) and co-founder of the Black Athena Collective. She is also one of the artists behind the subversive action on the set of the television series Homeland which received worldwide media attention. Amin’s artistic work has been shown worldwide with recent exhibitions at Kunsthalle Wien, Gallery Zilberman, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Kunstverein in Hamburg, and the Berlin Berlinale 9th Forum Expanded Exhibition. She also has an extensive repertoire in public speaking and has published several works.