Outset Professionals

Harun Farocki‘Serious Games’, 2011

Harun Farocki is one of Germany’s most respected filmmakers, artists and writers. Farocki’s essay films question the production and perception of images, decoding the medium of film and examining how audiovisual culture relates to politics, technology and war. Serious Games I–IV (2009–10) is comprised of four distinct video installations — I: Watson is Down (2010), II: Three Dead (2010), III: Immersion (2009), and IV: A Sun with No Shadow (2010) — positions video game technology within the context of the military, where it originated. The work juxtaposes real-life wartime exercises with virtual reenactments in order to examine the fundamental links between technology, politics, and violence. Serious Games (2009/2010), the new work by the German video-artist Harun Farocki saw its Premiere at the Biennale in Sao Paulo in 2010.

With Outset’s support, the video work in 4 parts could be donated to the Nationalgalerie in Berlin.