Outset Professionals

‘Hamidrasha Beit Berl Art College Calendar’, 2011

Outset supported the first art calendar initiated, created and produced by HaMidrasha Beit Berl Art College first year MFA students. In their first few months of the MFA Beit Berl programme, the students decided to develop collaborative projects within the Israeli art scene in the belief that alongside their personal growth the academic platform can be used as a unique opportunity to explore works of art as a result of team effort.

The calendar is a humorous project comprising thirteen well known male Israeli artists, an homage of the young artists to those renowned and admired artists. The decision to use the beach aslocation references classical calendars, yet since those were mostly based on the stereotype and objectification of the female figure, the students decided to turn toward the male figure as the subject matter.

Each artist is photographed individually with slight references to his artistic expression. They were photographed by Noa Yaffe, an art student and fashion photographer for Haart’z newspaper. The calendar features: Guy Ben-Ner, Yaacov Mishori, Boaz Arad, Itzik Livna and Ohad Matalon, David Adika, Roee Rosen, Haim Lusky, Doron Rabina, Dror Daum, Yair Garbuz, Gilad Rathman and Gil Marco-Shani.

The calendar was available for sale in selected stores and the proceeds were used to sponsor scholarships for the MFA students of HaMidrasha.