Outset Professionals

Gal Weinstein‘Tire Fires’, 2011

Outset Israel is supporting a new sculptural installation by Gal Weinstein, Fire Tire. About 4 meters high and made of wax, wool, polyester, Styrofoam and graphite, this significant installation is central to Gal’s solo exhibition at Kunsthaus Baselland in Switzerland (22  September – 13 November 2011). Based on images published in the press, the work may be considered as a political image evoking notions of ‘with or against’, ‘order or disorder’ or ‘involvement or protest’.

Notions that are related to the image rather than its specific object for it is not the object that is put up ‘against something’ or ‘with something’ but rather the political image as a brand – the difference between expression and opinion. Gal attempts to explore the essence of the image itself as a physical, tactile material with a sensual existence and discover its primary and collective aspects.

The change in our awareness comes from a physical experience. Gal investigates the nature of things, the way they are made of through intuitive curiosity which he finds the basis for critical thinking.

A work by Gal Weinstein was donated to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art on behalf of Outset Contemporary Art Fund.