Capital Production Circle

Frances Stark‘My Best Thing’, 2011

In 2011 Outset supported the screening of My Best Thing, by Frances Stark at the ICA, London. It was the first collaboration between Outset and the ICA.?

A conversation between two online avatars on a dating website, which develops into a masturbatory love affair between a woman and a younger man, is the subject of Frances Stark’s My Best Thing, an animated single-channel video. Through the medium of animation, Stark raises questions about the difference between therapeutic confession and performance.?

In the midst of a creative crisis, the woman flirts with the idea of an artistic collaboration with Marcello, an Italian filmmaker she has become acquainted in a video chat room. Marcello then drops out of sight. However, the woman then encounters another man whom she mistakes for Marcello and who turns out to be a spiritually bored son of an auteur director. My Best Thing was previewed in ILLUMInations at the 54th Venice Biennale.