F.A.R. (Floor Area Ratio),a program presented by 3 137, maps the economic, cultural, and residential changes that have been taking place in the city, while giving prominence to multiple narratives and images of both the past and the future of Athens. The program is developed in three consecutive, self-contained parts: It started in December 2020 with a communal web radio station and an artistic intervention in 3 137’s outdoor space; and it continues today with a series of artistic events and works in the public space of Athens.

A reference point as well as a source of inspiration, the city of Athens becomes a field of action hosting a series of artistic interventions in its public space. The first invitees of the F.A.R. II program were the artists Anastasia Diavasti and DimitraIoannou, with their work Civil Disobedience. The intervention was presented on the glass facade of an empty office space, on the first floor of the building on 57, Stadiou Street, close to Omonoia Square. The work highlights the notion of civil disobedience, while it tries to evoke questions around its distortion.

3 137’s glass facade hosts a new installation by the artist Myrto Xanthopoulou. Her work titled The Opposite of Falling covers all of 3 137’s windows. It is a grid made of masking tape and scotch tape; a composition of shapes and text. The work is a comment on light, certainties and permeability, footnotes or endnotes.

Civil Disobedience A work by Anastasia Diavasti and Dimitra Ioannou
OPENING DATE: 12 April 2021

DURATION: 12 April – 16 May 2021

OPENING HOURS: The artwork will be accessible 24/7.

LOCATION: Stadiou 57, 10551, Omonoia, Athens First floor, window display (Visible 24/7 from the conjunction of Stadiou and Aiolou streets)

The Opposite of Falling A work by Myrto Xanthopoulou
OPENING DATE: 10 May 2021

DURATION: 10 May – 10 June 2021

OPENING HOURS: The artwork will be accessible 24/7.

LOCATION: Mavromichali 137, Exarchia 114 72, Athens

With the support of Outset Contemporary Art Fund Greece.


3 137