‘Eros & Thanatos, Real Estate’, 2020

Eros & Thanatos, Real Estate is an art exhibition and a public cultural program featuring site-specific installations by Spanish and Greek artists. It explores the duality of love and death and the potential of the emotions that exist in liminal spaces as opposed to the distractions of the globalized world. In doing so, it aims to transcend duality while encompassing some eternal identity issues in Greece and Spain.

The show takes inspiration from romantic poet José Cadalso and his tragic act of digging up the body of his beloved Maria Ignacia Ibáñez only to see it dead once more. In it, the themes of Eros (love) and Thanatos (death) symbolize respectively the artistic drive and the ruined suffocation of Mediterranean cities.

The exhibition is conceived as a fictional real estate empire that has a poppy on its logo, a flower that represents both desire and intoxication. Eros and Thanatos’s first enterprise is the reactivation of Ioanna’s and Tony’s Spiteris old house in the Athenian area of Kypseli. For a period of three weeks it will connect with the diverse community across this neighborhood in order to explore the socio-magical effects of artistic creation, with the hope — and the expectation — that art has the potential to transform, like a miracle, depressed ruins into an object of love.

Curator: Inés Muñozcano, Coordination assistant: Sotiria Smirnaiou

Coorganized by: Instituto Cervantes Atenas, Atelier Cycladon 8

Opening: 30.01-19.02.2020, 20.00 h

Atelier Cycladon 8, Kykladon, Kypseli, 113 61, Athens

Visiting hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 16.00-20.30, Thursday, Saturday: 12.00-20.30 and by appointment (contact: ines.munozcano@gmail.com)