‘Epitopou15’, 2015

Outset Greece supported EPITOPOU15, a workshop project for European artists taking place on the island of Andros, Greece. Now in its third consecutive year, EPITOPOU15 aims to enhance solidarity between artists and the local residents by creating a collective artistic experience.

Seven artists have been invited to create site specific works on the old hiking route of Livadia. The aim is the design and creation of ephemeral installations using materials of the immediate environment.

Additionally, three students of the School of Fine Arts of the University of Ioannina will create works under the guidance and coordination of the visual artist and professor K. Basanos.
This year EPITOPOU15 will be extended to Chora, the capital of Andros, where a series of interactive works will be displayed throughout the summer accompanied by an extensive programme including presentations of the artists and their works, public discussions, video screenings at the Cinema Club of Andros and a two-­day seminar with guest scholars of contemporary art.

Participating artists: Christos Vagiatas, Jason Karaïndros, Petroula Koutousi, Emmanuelle Ducrocq, Maria Lianou, Andreas Savva, Eva Tourtoglou Bony and Zoi Philippou, Eleanna  Balesi, Dimitris Tzikopoulos.