Eleni Bagaki‘A BOOK, A FILM & A SOUNDTRACK’, 2017

She wanted to be a filmmaker
She had no idea what to film though
How can making a film (as a process) become itself a strategy to process?
A book, a film, and a soundtrack draws inspiration from a failed romantic relationship between a female artist and a male filmmaker. They meet and try to become a couple. She wants to make a film. His script is bad. They break up. She keeps looking for a story to shoot when she realizes that the relationship itself, and the process of processing it through her art, should be the film. ‘A book, a film, and a soundtrack’ are brought together to challenge each other’s limitations. In the form of an exhibition, they become loosely or closely attached, depending on how and when one encounters them. In the end, the three elements make up a meeting—a meeting of story, scene, and mood.
Eleni Bagaki (b. 1979, Crete) holds a Master’s in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins, London. Recent solo shows include: Economy Class, Signal, Malmö (2016–2017); Now you see me, oh now you don’t, New Studio, London (2015–2016); Crack, Crack, Pop, Pop…Oh What a Relief It Is!, Radio Athènes, Athens (2015). Selected group exhibitions include: Vilniaus kontekstai, invited by Valentinas Klimašauskas, Vilnius (2017); Millennial Feminisms, L’Inconnue gallery, Montreal (2017); The Equilibrists, organized by the New Museum, New York and the DESTE Foundation, Athens in collaboration with the Benaki Museum, Athens (2016).
A book, a film, and a soundtrack is made possible with the support of Outset Greece.


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