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David Jablonowski‘De Ateliers Debut Series’, 2013

The Gemeentemuseum Den Haag has long enjoyed a close relationship with the post-graduate educational institute of contemporary art De Ateliers in Amsterdam. This collaboration with the premier Dutch institute fostering young artistic talent is to be further strengthened over the next three years.

Starting this summer, the museum will offer a graduate from De Ateliers a first solo exhibition at the ‘projektenzaal’. Outset Netherlands is proud to be a partner of De Ateliers Debut Series and to support this unique new initiative, in collaboration with the Niemeijer Fund.

David Jablonowski (b. Bochum, 1982) is the first artist to be featured in the series, in a show running from 24 August to 3 November 2013. In his works, Jablonowski examines the surface and the evolution of the contemporary communication technologies. In the form of sculptures, videos and installations, he focuses on the theme of the development of language as a technically reproducible code and its aesthetic development with regard to the communication of knowledge and information.

De Ateliers is an independent artists’ institute. Its prestige is such that it attracts artists from all over the world to work in its 23 spacious individual studios, accommodated in a historic building in the centre of Amsterdam. De Ateliers has produced many top artists, including Urs Fischer, Joep van Lieshout, Aernout Mik and Matthew Monahan.

The Gemeentemuseum welcomes this new collaborative venture as a unique opportunity to offer a platform for emerging talent in the Netherlands. The Gemeentemuseum sees it as its task not only to organise exhibitions linked to its unique collection of classic modern art, but also to present the public with new and challenging contemporary developments. Benno Tempel: ‘At the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, we think it’s important to showcase emerging talent. After all, now is the time to foster the supreme art of tomorrow, which is being developed at De Ateliers. We are thrilled that this partnership with Outset Netherlands enables us to undertake this wonderful new initiative, De Ateliers DEBUT SERIES.’