Netherlands Patron Circle

Daisuke Yokota‘Site/Cloud’, 2014

Outset Netherlands is proud to support Daisuke Yokota’s exhibition Site/Cloud at photography museum Foam, Amsterdam. The Japanese artist is the first recipient of the Outset | Unseen Exhibition Fund, which granted him a solo exhibition at Foam.?? Site/Cloud is Daisuke Yokota’s first solo exhibition in Europe. His images in predominantly black and white – sometimes with a subtle hint of colour – show a haunting, indefinable world with shadowy, anonymous apparitions and nondescript places, contrasted with sublime, colourful representations of skies and clouds which evoke feelings of timelessness.

Yokota has developed an unusual working process. He photographs and re-photographs, works and reworks images, and adds layers of alteration and distortion, thereby embracing chance. Each modification reveals fresh possibilities for the next image, resulting in haunting, distorted and otherworldly images.

Founded in 2013, the Outset | Unseen Exhibition Fund is a unique partnership between Unseen and Outset Netherlands, providing a new institutional platform for emerging talent. A selection committee of young curators scouts the Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam before opening hours, and selects one exhibiting artist for a solo exhibition at Foam. Last year’s selection committee consisted of Sophie von Olfers (1979, Frankfurt), Nathanja van Dijk (1984, Amsterdam), and Orit Bulgaru (1978, Tel Aviv).

Daisuke Yokota (1983, Saitama) graduated from the Nippon Photography Institute in 2003. He was a honourable mention of the 31st Canon New Cosmos of Photography in 2008 and the grand prix winner of the 1_Wall Award. He has had several solo and group exhibitions, is a member of the international artist collective AM projects, and was selected as a 2013 Foam Talent by Foam Magazine.