Scotland Core Circle

Curatorial Leadership in Collections, SCAN, 2017–2018

Outset Scotland was partner and funder of Curatorial Leadership in Collections (CLiC), an action research and advocacy project.  The project brought together curators and directors from eight collecting institutions across the Scottish sector, including key independent, university, local authority and national collections.  Dr Kirstie Skinner, Director of Outset Scotland, was lead consultant on the project, developing its overall strategy, applying for funding alongside Scottish Contemporary Art Network (SCAN), and developing the programme of visits and workshops.

CLiC aimed to strengthen a curator’s leadership role in activating public collections for contemporary audiences, and in building imaginative public, commercial and philanthropic partnerships.  Taking place over 18 months, the eight museum partners engaged in curatorial research visits, advocacy forums, leadership training and workshops.  They were supported to work individually and collectively to advocate for the role of collections, to develop a vision for enhanced future investment and to promote fresh thinking around partnerships.

The project worked intensively with 8 museum partners and almost 70 senior professionals and policy makers participated in our exchanges, panel discussion and development visits over an 18-month period.  During this time individual project partners were successful in bringing over £300,000 of new money into the sector in Scotland and one of our key partners, Glasgow Women’s Library, was nominated for museum of the year.

Scottish Contemporary Art Network (SCAN) is a member led network committed to championing and supporting the contemporary art sector in Scotland.  Their vision is that the role, impact and benefits of contemporary visual arts are widely recognised as central to society and that sector professionals based in Scotland are informed, innovative and supported to achieve their ambitions.