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Cloe Jancis‘Waiting for Eternity’, 2019

An international jury invited by Outset Estonia selected a photo by Cloe Jancis from her series Waiting for Eternity (2019) from the art fair Foto Tallinn 2019 to be gifted to an international public art collection. The jury comprised of Melanie Bühler (Frans Hals Museum), Roos Gortzak (Vleeshal), and Karin Laansoo (Outset Estonia/Kai Art Center). Waiting for Eternity is a series of works in which the bodies depicted yearn for the whole. Uncomfortable, in-between, tense and recurring poses refer to the permanent search for unity, which according to Jancis is an endless waiting for eternity. 

The jury was impressed by the sensitive and thoughtful display of Jancis’ works. Jury member Roos Gortzak explained: “The jury was immediately impressed by the way in which Cloe Jancis installed her series Waiting for Eternity. The relationship between image-size, frame & wall was well-chosen. The decision to put one photo on the floor & lean it against the wall highlighted the performative aspect of the work. For the jury, it was hard to select one photo out of this series of six, since the installation felt so complete. The topic of completeness is exactly what Cloe Jancis is addressing here. The bodies are intertwined, to try to become one, but it becomes clear that this process is not without friction.

Art fair Foto Tallinn took place at Kai Art Center from September 27th to 29th, 2019, and introduced international artists, galleries and project spaces from many countries across the world. Foto Tallinn was held for the 9th time. For the second time, the fair collaborated with Outset Estonia and an international jury was invited to select artworks to be gifted to international public art collections. 

Cloe Jancis (b. 1992) is an Estonian artist mainly working with photography, video and installation. Jancis graduated from the Department of Photography at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2018. The artist is intrigued by examining the space between corporeal perception and mental cognition.