Capital Production Circle

Christian Jankowski‘The Perfect Gallery’, 2010

In Spring 2010 the Outset Production Fund supported The Perfect Gallery, an ambitious project by German artist Christian Jankowski undertaken at Pump House Gallery in Battersea, London. Jankowski’s aim for the project was to create ‘The Perfect Gallery’, marking a significant development in both Jankowski’s practice and the programming aspirations of Pump House Gallery. For The Perfect Gallery Jankowski contracted an interior designer and team of builders to undertake renovations to the gallery whilst producing a video work that followed the format of an interior-design makeover programme.

The programme, presented by Love The Place You’re In presenter Gordon Whistance, charted the creation of ‘The Perfect Gallery’ from the Pump House’s idiosyncratic fusion of 19th-century architecture and 1980s interior styling. As dictated by the reality TV genre, the narrative of the transformation included dramatic and emotional episodes, discussions on architectural and aesthetic decisions and visits to other London galleries in the quest for ‘The Perfect Gallery’.

In so doing the project combined a critique of contemporary TV genres with discussions surrounding the relevance and tradition of the white cube.

??Donated to ?Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich