Charles Avery has devoted himself exclusively to the creation of a fictional island archipelago since 2004. In detailed, large-scale drawings, installations, sculptures and objects, Avery forms a bizarre imaginary reality out of diverse philosophical ideas and concepts: Fabulous creatures, deities, tourists and adventurers are embedded in a complex social structure, merging into an entire cosmos that ranges between pure fantasy and theoretical reflection. The assemblage invites viewers to explore the bustling activities of Onomatopoeia, the capital of this world, where objectivity is believed to indicate imbecility. Central to this project is the character of the Hunter, a searcher after philosophical truth in a country where this is elusive, if it exists at all. In the major work commissioned for British Art Show 7: Days of the Comet, supported by Outset, the Hunter is seen in an embrace with his would-be sweetheart, Miss Miss, while a one-armed snake lurks nearby.

On the occasion of the launch of Outset Netherlands in March 2012, the work by Charles Avery was gifted to the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, where it is now shown as part of their public collection display.