Outset Professionals

Janet Cardiff & George Bures-Miller‘The House Of Books Has No Windows’, 2008

Outset Associates was delighted to support The House of Books Has No Windows presented at Modern Art Oxford for the artists’ eponymous exhibition in 2008. Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller are renowned for their immersive installations, involving film, objects and sound. Their elaborate environments draw the viewer into captivating fictional worlds.

The House of Books Has no Windows is a house made entirely of antique books, primarily comprising English literature and published in the United Kingdom. Spines out, pages in, the work is a library turned in on itself, a space of infinite possibility where nothing may be read yet everything imagined.

The work has no windows and in the absence of external stimulation, the viewer immerses themselves in the fictionalised world of novels. Following the exhibition The House of Books Has No Windows was gifted to the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.