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Candice Breitz‘Him + Her’, 2008

Candice Breitz’s darkly humorous films dismantle the conventions of representation to reveal the dysfunctional relationships and projected personalities that make up the idols of popular culture. Fascinated by the performative and its relation to duration as proscribed by film and pop music, Breitz uses digital editing to splice familiar footage into psychodramas, providing a linguistic and structural critique of consumerism with the enthusiasm of an adoring fan. Outset was delighted to engage with Breitz on her new film presented at Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin, ‘Him + Her’.

Picking up where her earlier installations left off, ‘Him + Her’ use existing footage from Hollywood films to compose dense psychological vignettes through editing. Across the displays, numerous manifestations of the same actor (either Nicholson or Streep) jostle with one another for prominence, collectively suggesting, in their sameness and difference, strong metaphors for the schizophrenic internal dialogue that takes place within the mind of a single individual.

In engaging a series of disparate voices from the same mind, Breitz creates a kaleidoscopic, insightful and witty set of interactions between the multiple Jacks and many Meryls, interactions that draw to the surface a series of Hollywood-perpetuated clichés about psychology and gender.

??Donated to ?Museum of Modern Art, New York


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