Anat Propper Goldenberg, to kosie‘CAN YOU HEAR THE SIRENS MOAN’, 2018

Snehta Residency presents the group show Can you hear the sirens moan with Anat Propper Goldenberg and to kosie curated by Ioanna Gerakidi. The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of performances and readings by the artists.

Can you hear the sirens moan is a group show looking with and thinking across intersectionality as a means for reaching otherness, for transforming, altering, acting and interacting with our surroundings. It is an exposition of what resides, or is being considered as, unheard, unintelligible, a-rhythmic. It’s a collection of traces and remnants of various processes of labour, of reminiscences often neglected, dismissed, stigmatized.

The exhibition aims on exploring the voice of these inherent qualities of the artwork, on forming through their time and space, when the works are in a fragile state of becoming. It intends to disrupt the syntaxes and automations of the art system through rejecting the finalized, fixated form. The artworks as concrete (non)-objects, theses and systems, are being replaced by a composition of materials, liquids, words, failures and experiments.

*the title is borrowed from “Don’t Let It Bring You Down”, a song by Neil Young. Curator | Ioanna Gerakidi

With the support of Outset Greece.