Outset Professionals

Can Altay‘The Church Street Partners' Gazette’, 2010

In 2010 Outset supported Can Altay’s first solo presentation in London, The Church Street Partners’ Gazette in 2010. For the duration of the show, Altay transformed The Showroom into the production site of a single edition newspaper: ‘The Church Street Partners’ Gazette’. The project drew on research and dialogues with a wide range of people connected to the local area, who Altay terms ‘partners’, and tries to expand the notion of partnership beyond its economic and juridical use.?

Altay’s work is known for its focus on improvised architectures in the city, unauthorised systems of organisation and models of co-habitation. The Gazette continues his interest in ‘setting a setting’: a body of work where he proposes and constructs provisional spaces for gathering and production.