This publication attempts to introduce a chorus of voices that speak from different positions on aneducation, the educational program of Learning from Athens, documenta 14 which took place in Athens and Kassel in 2017.
Instead of objectives and overviews, target groups and outcomes, successes or failures, the program was determined by process and experience, encouraged dialogue and recognized knowledge not as a one-way transmission but as a form of a two-way exchange. One of the objectives of the program was listening and learning – listening and learning as an institution – being receptive and recognizing the complexity of being present.

Forty-eight entries are organized alphabetically as a lexicon, each written by various members of the aneducation team and documenta 14 Chorus, as well as curators, artists, and educators who contributed to the program. The publication’s many points of departure present just as many desires for other sites of learning. With the support of Outset Greece.

Participants in the presentation of the publication: Sepake Angiama, Charalambos Baltas, Panos Charalambous, Orestis Giannoulis, Timothy Laskaratos and Arnisa Zeqo.

Production of event: Marina Miliou-Theocharaki, Elli Paxinou, Snehta Residency

30 May, 20.00-21.30

Drosopoulou 47