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Itamar GilboaBODY OF WORK, 2019

Outset Netherlands is proud to have supported the realisation of the installation of the self-portrait within the exhibition Body of Work of Itamar Gilboa in Museum Beelden aan Zee.

Itamar Gilboa (1973) is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Amsterdam. Inspired by the power of numbers and the influence of science, Gilboa’s projects are the result of thorough research and data collection. Through the use of diverse mediums including sculpture, video, drawing and painting, Gilboa has been able to show a consistent focus and aesthetics in his work; Gilboa spent most of his artistic career researching factors that determine who he is – social networks, his cultural heritage, national identity and the changes he experienced migrating to the Netherlands.

For Body of Work, Gilboa used cutting-edge medical technology and made exacts copies of, among other things, his eyes, skull, spine, heart, liver and kidneys, and then reproduced them in shiny chrome. His work raises questions about who we are and who actually holds authority to that identity. In a time that selfies and portraits are made in an instant Gilboa addresses the need of self-exploration

and personal development.

Beelden aan Zee is the single cultural institution in the Netherlands that focuses exclusively on sculpture. Mostly exhibiting renowned names, the exhibition at Museum Beelden Aan Zee offered Gilboa a direct and clear acceleration to his practice. In addition, he combined innovative use of technology with a contemporary relevance of self-expression. Outset views these aspects of great value to the cultural landscape.

Body of Work by Itamar Gilboa was on show from June 22 until September 1, 2019.

Outset’s ongoing support for Cubitt’s Curatorial Fellowship has enabled the gallery to maintain its commitment to supporting and facilitating contemporary art at its most exciting, challenging and innovative best.

Morgan Quaintance, Curator