Outset Partners

‘Arctic/Amazon’, 2020

The Outset Partners Grants 2020 awarded an Impact Grant to The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto in support of the exhibition Arctic/Amazon.

Drawing upon an ongoing collaborative project, Arctic/Amazon explores the ways in which Indigenous contemporary artists address issues of climate change, globalized Indigeneity, and political contact zones in and about the circumpolar Arctic and Amazonia. By addressing Indigenous knowledge, spiritual practices, violence, and ecological concerns in a variety of media, artists confront the global project. They represent a set of diverse realities that are shaped by both human and non-human beings. By negotiating their co-existence in a world marked by the diversity of places and people, they offer insight into the oftentimes chaotic entanglements that emerge between themselves and the newcomers. 

Featuring artists from across both regions and guest curators Gerald McMaster and Nina Vincent, alongside Amin Alsaden and Justine Kohleal from The Power Plant, the exhibition is set to take place in Fall 2022.