Outset Professionals

Anahita RazmiResidency, 2016

Outset Germany is pleased to support the residency of Anahita Razmi at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, from September 2016 to mid-March 2017.

Her project at Künstlerhaus Bethanien will be an installation encompassing various media, which puts news and headlines from mass media from various global contexts in a spatial connection.

ANAHITA RAZMI (b. 1981, Hamburg) Appropriation, Translation, Re-Re-Enactment: The works of the Berlin-based  artist with Iranian background revolves around cultural and rhetorical transfers. Above all she is interested in current media representations of the Orient and their implications. What does branding mean here? Commercialisation? What role does the Middle East play in mass media, consumer culture and pop culture? In this context in particular Anahita Razmi can draw on her own identity. She reframes quotes from art, pop and culture in a new context, in visual experimental arrangements and in video performances. She also tries to avoid drawing conclusions – Iran, with its current political and social conditions, remaining an open, ambivalent point of reference.