Outset Professionals

‘Arts Council England Acquisition Support’, 2007

Through the support of McLaren, Outset enabled the Arts Council to acquire a number of significant works for its collection.

These works included:

H.2.N.Y. Mechanical Suicide, 2006, Michael Landy RA

This work is part of a series of drawings, made with correction fluid, based on photographic records of a performance by the Swiss artist Jean Tinguely (1925– 1991). The performance, Homage to New York, was staged in 1960 in the garden of MOMA, New York. Tinguely’s construction self-destructed as part of the performance, and now exists only through some fragments and photographic records. Having first encountered Tinguely’s work at the Tate retrospective in 1982 while still a student, Michael Landy has been intrigued by his work for many years, and investigated the possibility of re-staging the Homage to New York event.

Untitled, 2007, David Noonan

Through the lens of found photographs, David Noonan dissolves, repeats, and resituates images to explore memory, nostalgia and association. His multi-panel silk-screens intensely overlap images to create dreamlike scenes where narrative or formal meanings are elusive. By presenting the most stylised of images loosed from their original context, he explores the workings of remembrance, connotation and sentiment. Noonan confronts nostalgia for the real, not through didactic deconstruction, but rather though the pleasure and pain of the imaginary: his highly mediated images reverberate with undetermined narratives that excite, disquiet, or charm.