Germany_Switzerland Patrons Circle

Avery SingerAcquisition for Museum Ludwig, 2017

Outset Germany_Switzerland is pleased to support the Museum Ludwig, Cologne with the donation of one work from Avery Singer’s ‚Rümlang’ series.

Avery Singer is an American painter whose oeuvres demonstrate the conditions by which technologies have influenced the way we view our surroundings. Singer works with 3D programmes such as SketchUp and Blender to create alternative, illusionary worlds, often referencing language used in architecture. Her digital still lives have said to echo the Cubist approach in which more than one dimension is revealed and the linear narrative is suspended. She applies these geometrical structures, which also include stick figures, to the canvass with an airbrush technique. By doing so the artist is adding her very own signature to the painting. Her practice is unique is the way she has juxtaposed the language of painting with that of computer-software.