Capital Production Circle

Thomas Weinberger5th Thessaloniki Biennial of Contemporary Art, 2015

Outset is proud to have supported a production by Thomas Weinberger for the 5th Thessaloniki Biennial Between the pessimism of the intellect and the optimism of the will curated by Katerina Gregos. 
‘Schön’ 99 Sunsets 
C-Prints mounted on acrylic glass 

The sunset is seductive for its ability to engender sentimental feelings of remorse and nostalgia. Romanticism has always associated dusk with doomed civilisations, identifying sunsets with a yearning for bygone eras. With ‘Schön’ 99 Sunsets, Thomas Weinberger’s series of photographs of different sunsets, the artist offers a formalist reduction of the sun into a minimal image. Weinberger digitally ‘cleaned’ the images from anything that would be a distraction, such as trees, rocks, beaches and even the horizon, in order to render them formally homogeneous. He reduced them to images of the disk of the sun itself. As such, it constantly hovers – metaphorically speaking – between two poles; one can be associated with hope, the other with gloom. Both are inherent in the experience of the current crisis in the Mediterranean, where the sun is the most resonant cliché.