Jaan Toomik, Jüri Ojaver, Paul Rodgers‘3 | Estonian Energies’, 2019

Snehta is delighted to present the exhibition “3” by the established Estonian group of artists “Eesti Energiad”.

The small group of artists, “Eesti Energiad”, first decided to exhibit collectively in 1999 with a show of performance, sculpture and video work at the Salt-storage Art Museum in Tallinn. The exhibition was extremely successful and since then these artists; Jaan Toomik, Jüri Ojaver, Paul Rodgers (and Jaan Paavle now deceased), have exhibited as a group in Austria, Iceland, Scotland, Russia, Finland, Georgia, Germany and America. These artists formed the core of “Eesti Energiad” but they now also regularly include selected younger Estonian artists in their shows. In addition to pursuing their own individual careers, they have also organized several larger, international visual arts events in Estonia. These are site specific, performance, video and installation with participants from around the world.

These artists have found common ground and interests though their personal backgrounds are very different the synergy created by their collaborations has proved to be vital to them as individuals. Although they may not always be the most subtle of investigators, stumbling often through dark territory, they are always honest and the work is at least heartfelt, never cruel – ultimately compassionate and often funny with a dark sense of humor and sometimes self- irony in its observations. Their themes are existential in nature touching on problems that affect us all but expressed through a range of subjects – the human body, sex, food, love, belief, aging, death – but we can also say that these three artists are irreverent and always unpredictable.
With the support of Outset Greece.

Snehta, I Drosopoulou 47 Kypseli
Opening: 15 July, 20.00-23.00
Duration: 15-19 July
Opening hours: 18.00-21.00 / Friday 12.00-18.00