How will we live together on this multispecies planet? By understanding, respecting, and connecting to the web of entanglement that is life on Earth. An unsung hero of this web is the kingdom between plants and animals, that of the fungi. Creators and facilitators of life, fungi are as resilient as rock and can turn rock into soil through edafogenesis. They form mycelium networks making extraordinary sentient connections among trees. They are recyclers, metabolizing the decomposing organic matter, returning it to the biological circle. Without them life on Earth cannot exist. Entangled Kingdoms presents fungi spores collected from the two rooms of the Arsenale cultivated in the mycology department at University of Athens. At the Biennale, these return as a “fungi garden” in a two-part installation. Having first placed humanity in the wider context of the plant, animal and fungi kingdoms, this project invites reverent reflection upon the complexity, beauty, and also invisibility and ubiquity of fungi in the world around us.

doxiadis+ – Landscape Architects

Architect: Marina Antsakli
Principal:Thomas Doxiadis
Architect, Landscape Architect: Despoina Gkirti
Architect, Landscape Architect: Dionysia Liveri
Architect, Landscape Architect: Angeliki Mathioudaki
Architect, Landscape Architect: Ioanna Potiriadi
Architect: Alexandra Souvatzi

Mycologist, Scientific Collaborator: Zacharoula Gonou-Zagou
Installation Interpretation Consultant: Julia Pitts
Lighting Designer: Alkestie Skarlatou
Sound Design, Composer, mixing: Peter Aslanidis
Sound, mixing: Kostas Linoxylakis
Sound, assistance, sourcing: Lars Ohlendorf
Structural Engineer: Helliniki Meletitiki
Photographer: Cathy Cunliffe
Mycologist, Mushroom Supplier: Lefteris Laxouvaris Designer, Manufacturer: Manos Vordonarakis

With the Support of Outset Contemporary Art Fund (Greece).