Capital Production Circle

Richard Wentworth‘12th Havana Biennial’, 2015

Outset is proud to have supported a production by Richard Wentworth for the 12th Havana Biennial Between the Idea and Experience curated by Jorge Fernandez Torres and Margarita Gonzalez Lorente, Director & Deputy Director, Center for Contemporary Art Wifredo Lam, Havana.

Looking Through the Telescope from the Other End
Mixed media installation

In Looking Through The Telescope from the Other End, Richard Wentworth deploys historic images of Cuba, its geographies, characters and moments, sourced from negatives and notes taken by Graham Greene in Cuba in 1966. Physical elements that narrate a particular visuality are transported and relocated to an urban ruin, a former bicycle factory in Havana, where they combine with other fragments that witness the exploration and fixed gaze from ‘the telescope from the other end’. The artist explains: ‘Setting out the prints made from the Graham Greene scans, I could see how well they would perform in context, a bit like those films where a dead relative walks back into a family gathering… The audio/visual aspect of the audience was very moving, seeing people peering into the past and sharing perceptions with their neighbour and then arguing about different locales…’