fig-2 was a programme of 50 projects that took place across 50 consecutive weeks at the ICA Studio in London in 2015. fig-2 was a revival of fig-1, a ground-breaking exhibition programme conceived and developed by Mark Francis and Jay Jopling in 2000. The project presented 50 exhibitions in 50 weeks in a room in Fragile House in Soho, London. Fifteen years later, curator Fatos Ustek worked within the same exhibition structure with an energetic and ambitious interpretation, embracing the precedent of an interdisciplinary programme and opening it beyond contemporary art practice, to encapsulate the humanities and sciences. fig-2 was an exhibition with a rare pace, allowing in-depth engagement with a single project within a rapidly changing, energetic programme.

fig-2 was supported by Outset, with other partners Bicester Village, Phillips, Art Fund and individual fig-2 patrons.