Patrons Circle

3500 Euros per year

How does it work?

An intimate pioneering group of art philanthrophists who wish to support and experience new art.

Outset Netherlands Patrons fund local projects as well as co-fund international projects together with other Outset Chapters. The organisation supports a range of programmes such as exhibitions, acquisitions and art projects.; The main local focus is to offer young and emerging artists a place in Dutch public art institutions by supporting their first solo exhibitions in museums.

What does being a Patron unlock?

Patrons are invited to bespoke event throughout the year including curator-led gallery tours, studio visits, talks and international trips, which are often linked to the projects that Outset supports, allowing for a deeper understanding of the artists and organisations that we collaborate with.

Why does it matter?

Supporting new art.
Scaling impact.
Reaching audiences.
Creating values and legacy for the long term.
Ensuring the continuous reinvention of culture.