Patrons Circle

3000 Euros, 5000 Euros or 8000 Euros per year

How does it work?

Outset Germany_Switzerland follows the idea to support the production of new works as a donation to public institutions or educational projects. The organisation works with an ever-expanding network of international curators and professionals, thus keeping its finger on the pulse of contemporary art.

Our Patrons are individuals, foundations and businesses who seek to support contemporary art. They collectively fund 5-10 art projects a year and are are closely involved with the supported art projects.

The donations of Patrons go towards acquisitions, residencies, bursaries and programme support – extending the Outset philosophy to a variety of fields.

What does being a Patron unlock?

Outset Germany_Switzerland’s patrons are closely involved with the supported art projects.

  • Behind the scenes encounters with artists, curators and professionals
  • Private and public collection visits
  • Directors tours of emerging and leading institutions linked to the projects Outset Germany_Switzerland supports, allowing for a deeper understanding of the artists and organisations that we collaborate with.
  • Expert-led regional and international trips
  • Possibility to join other Outset Chapters programmes and events
  • Invitation to the Outset Annual General Meeting
  • VIP passes to international art fairs, with challenging public programmes
  • Reports on the impact your support makes
  • Networking with arts professionals
Why does it matter?

Supporting new art.
Scaling impact.
Reaching audiences.
Creating values and legacy for the long term.
Ensuring the continuous reinvention of culture.