Patrons Circle

5000 Euros, 2500 Euros or 1000 Euros per year

A global network of philanthropic ambassadors who have an interest in supporting contemporary art activity in the public realm in Estonia.

Outset Estonia’s funding priority is support for emerging artists through Estonian commissions and productions for national and international projects, donation and acquisition of Outset-funded artworks to public collections, as well as the production of new artworks.

What does being a Patron unlock?

Patrons are invited to engage in a series of events such as studio and collection visits, curator-led tours of exhibitions, and international trips. Members get early access and information about Outset Estonia-supported projects, allowing them to be involved in a meaningful way.

Find out more

To find out more about becoming an Outset Estonia Patron, contact our Director Karin Laansoo or Manager of Patron Relations Katre Savi.

Thank you

Outset Estonia is very grateful to all its generous supporters, past and present. Their dedication and commitment is what makes our work possible.
Our current patrons:
Founding patrons: Maarja Oviir-Neivelt, Indrek Neivelt, Hede-Kerstin Luik, Jaan Pillesaar, Merit Berzin, Aivar Berzin, Hannes Tamjärv, Rain Lõhmus
Patrons: Armin Kõomägi, Kristiina Nurk, Laur Kivistik, Raino Paron