Young Patrons Circle

£550 per year

Our Young Patrons Circle is a group of young philanthropists under the age of 35 whose gifts are pooled for collective impact. In time, we hope that you will become the leading philanthropists of your generation. Your contribution enables one meaningful production annually that is connected to a public institution. Your gift is strategically invested towards the placement of an emerging artist in a public collection or the development of a smaller public institution.

Together, you are supporting key initiatives such as the enrichment of regional collections with pioneering video art selected by Steve McQueen and the opening of a community-enhancing public garden for the South London Gallery by Gabriel Orozco.

The 2017 Young Patrons Circle will commission a site-specific digital installation by Lawrence Lek as part of Art Night – Fusion of Horizons. Art Night is a contemporary art festival transforming East London for one magical night on 1st July 2017 curated by Fatos Üstek in collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery.

With every new project, you see it develop from the outset.

What does being a Patron unlock?
  • Behind the scenes encounters with a wide spectrum of artists developing the discourse within the medium of the supported project
  • Annual Outset Young Patrons Circle weekend trip to an international artistic hotspot
  • Invitation to the annual Outset Artists Picnic in London
  • Celebration with the commissioned artist at the opening of the production
  • VIP passes to international art fairs, with challenging public programmes
  • Reports on the impact your support makes

Find out more

For more information please contact Katharina Ottmann and Holly Hayward, Co-Chairs, Young Patrons Circle.,

Thank you

Thank you to all our passionate Young Patrons and Ambassadors for your vital generosity and support.

Ambassadors 2017

Nicholas Campbell
Babara Casasola
Eva-Maria Dimitriadis
Guillaume Duval
Lauren Fogel
Alina Kohlem
Jona Lueddeckens
Nayrouz Tatanaki
Leopold Thun
Luise van Holk

Patrons 2016

Cecilia Casella
Margherita Castiglioni
Paula Cruz
Michael de Guzman
Diana Fiammetta de Michele
Giacomo de Notaris
Roxana Farboud
Dimitris Herrmann
Ceri Hong-Tan
Sarah Horner
Christian Huhnt
Daniel Klier
Nicholas Lamotte
Lali Marganiya
Marie Mercier
Shahrzad Moaven
Martin Munte
Alicia Norman Butler
Rhea Papanicolaou Frangista
Stefano Raboli Pansera
Nathalie Reifschneider
Niklas Roehling
Marina Ruiz-Colomer
Paola Saracino-Fendi
Bruno Seffen
Robert Sheffield
Michal Shestowitz
Anna Shields
Tanya Steven
Anne-Marie Tong
Luise von Holk
Angelina Volk
Marlene von Carnap
Josephine von Perfall
Ella Whitmarsh
Burcu Yuksel