Regional Patrons Circle

£3000 Corporate Regional Patron / £1500 Regional Patron / £750 Associate Patron per year

Our Regional Patrons Circle is a group of like-minded individuals whose gifts are pooled for collective impact. Your contribution enables institutional collecting, exhibition support and art projects that further the exchange between a regional and international visual arts discourse.

Together, you are supporting contemporary art in the South West region of England.

With every new project, you see it develop from the outset.

What does being a Patron unlock?
  • Behind the scenes encounters with artists, curators and professionals
  • Visits to private collections
  • Curator-led tours of emerging and leading institutions and galleries
  • Expert-led regional and international trips
  • Invitation to the Outset Annual General Meeting, showcasing the best of contemporary art at planning stage
  • Invitation to the annual Outset Artists Picnic in London
  • VIP passes to international art fairs, with challenging public programmes
  • Reports on the impact your support makes

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