Outset Partners

£25000 per year

Drawing on Outset’s sixteen years of expertise in pioneering arts philanthropy, Outset Partners was formed in 2018, a new community of dynamic philanthropists, committed to recognising where vital support is needed at the core of the creative ecosystem.

A pioneering model for patronage, Outset Partners have a distinct international profile, including individuals from France, Colombia, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, the Philippines, Germany, Greece, USA and the United Kingdom. All are experts and entrepreneurs in their respective fields of philanthropy, education, the art market, fashion, finance, museums, architecture, and jewellery, amongst many other activities, and focus on advancing transformation and sustainability at institutions, the inclusion of diverse communities, important educational initiatives, and inspiring projects internationally.

As an Outset Partner, you underwrite and drive the outcome of exceptional art projects that would not happen without your support.

We prepare rigorously for our projects with research, running due diligence and taking informed risks to ensure funding has the best possible impact. If you have a similar eye for detail, you can allocate funds to specific projects as a Partner – following their development and having direct involvement from the outset.

Through our international network and local representation in eight chapters across Europe, the Middle East and South Asia, our Partners attain national and international exposure with their support of new art, which can be scaled according to their needs and ambitious goals. Together, we respond strategically to real needs in the contemporary art ecosystem and inspire audiences along the way.

Outset Partners fund, select and drive five yearly CORE GRANTS of £25k each and one TRANSFORMATIVE GRANT of £150k for an initiative which catalyses the institution’s performance, production, and outreach.

For more information, please contact Jack Charlesworth at jack@outset.org.uk

What does being a Patron unlock?

Outset’s collaborative approach connects you to the extensive Outset network and allows your participation and involvement in every stage of the project such as:

  • Access to the Outset’s Partners Programme including specially curated international trips, studio visits, openings and tours
  • Planning sessions with high-profile institutions and guest speakers
  • Meetings with the artists and curators
  • Exhibition openings and project launches
  • Participation in Outset Annual General Meetings
  • In-depth analysis of the arts ecosystem
  • Active decision-making process
  • Early access to urban development sites and insight into capital planning around the creative industries
  • VIP passes to international art fairs and access to VIP programmes
  • Reports on the impact your support makes

Find out more

For more information, please contact Jack Charlesworth at jack@outset.org.uk

Thank you

Outset England is very grateful to all its generous supporters, past and present. Their dedication and commitment is what makes our work possible.