Patron Circles

€3500 per year

Outset Netherlands Patrons are an intimate pioneering group of art philanthropists who wish to support and experience relevant contemporary culture and art, open for everyone. 

Outset Netherlands Patrons fund for 75% the production of relevant contemporary culture and art nourished by creative ecosystems that capture the Zeitgeist. 25% of the budget is reserved for other art initiatives that also feel urgent. The patrons fund local projects as well as co-fund international projects together with other Outset Chapters. It is our intention to support projects at an early, critical stage of their development, as is best expressed through our name: be there at the outset.

What does your support unlock?

By supporting creative ecosystems, Outset creates unparalleled opportunities for its patrons to engage in the artistic discourse and the creative process. Patrons are invited to bespoke events throughout the year connected to the projects that Outset supports, allowing for a deeper understanding of the art, the artists and ecosystems that we collaborate with. The events include (virtual) studio visits, talks on the vision of those that capture the Zeitgeist, curator- and director-led tours, local and international trips. 

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