Outset Greece

Collectif MASI “Square with a view” (2021), a project realised during the residency “Hippodamia in context” of the Victoria Square Project and supported by Outset Greece. Photo by Alexandra Masmanidi.


€10.000, €5.000 or €1.000 per year

Outset Greece Patrons wish to strengthen Greek contemporary visual culture and respond strategically to real needs in contemporary art while inspiring audiences along the way. The funds support and build collaborations with an ever-expanding network of local and international cultural institutions, artists and curators, as well as co-fund significant international projects together with other Outset Chapters. It is our intention to support projects at an early, critical stage of their development, as is best expressed through our name: be there at the outset.

  • €5.000 OUTSET PATRON

Outset is more than a philanthropic organisation supporting cultural agents. In a landscape where contemporary art has been overlooked for decades it extends the very terms and possibilities for an art scene to grow.

Helena Papadopoulos, Founder of Radio Athènes

What does your support unlock?

By supporting creative ecosystems, Outset creates unparalleled opportunities for its patrons to engage in the artistic discourse and the creative process. Patrons are invited to bespoke events throughout the year connected to the projects that Outset supports, allowing for a deeper understanding of the art, the artists and ecosystems that we collaborate with.

For more information contact Greece@outset.org.gr