Be a partner from the outset

How does it work?

As an Outset Partner, you underwrite a project that would not happen without your support.

We prepare rigorously for our projects, running due diligence and taking informed risks to ensure funding has the best possible impact. If you have a similar eye for detail, you can allocate funds to specific projects as a Partner – following their development and having direct involvement from the outset.

Our partners are individuals, foundations and businesses who seek to support contemporary art. We offer them bespoke entrepreneurial, collaborative and empowering solutions aligned with your personal objectives or brand values. Outset proposals rely on 15 years of expertise with all aspects of the non-commercial art world. Outset draws on well-proven models, which have been incubated and developed by our teams.

Through our international network and local representation in eight chapters across Europe, the Middle East and South Asia, our Partners attain national and international exposure with their support of new art, which can be scaled according to their needs and ambitions. Together, we respond strategically to real needs in contemporary art and inspire audiences along the way.

What does being a Partner unlock?

Outset’s collaborative approach connects you to the extensive Outset network allows your participation and involvement in every stage of the project such as:

  • Planning sessions with high-profile institutions
  • Meetings with the artist and curator
  • Exhibition openings and project launches
  • Participation in Outset Annual General Meetings

Outset wants to celebrate each stage of this exciting journey with you and would be proud to add your name or brand to mark the project and ensure its long-term association.

Why does it matter?

Supporting new art.
Scaling impact.
Reaching audiences.
Creating values and legacy for the long term.
Ensuring the continuous reinvention of culture.