Planning for the Future – The Culture Sector’s Response

The Government is current consulting on sweeping changes to the planning system. These proposals include the total removal of ‘Section 106’ the mechanism that delivers almost all new spaces used by the creative and cultural industries. There is nothing currently detailed that would replace what would be a catastrophic loss of all future spaces dedicated to the creative and cultural sectors across England.

This situation is as unbelievable as it is serious: the Government’s planning white paper could decimate England’s creative supply chain and undermine the value of England’s creative and cultural industries. It is vital that the Government consults with our sector and listen to the industry to ensure that changes to planning law provide the spaces required for the fastest growing part of the UK economy.

A consortium of organisations representing the creative and cultural industries, including Studiomakers, Sound Diplomacy, Music Venue Trust, The Creative Land Trust and Night Time Industries Association, today release a discussion paper that details our response. Each contributor to this joint response understands how important changes to planning law will be, and why proposals must be improved if they are to be enacted. We hope that this paper will provoke a meaningful dialogue and that the Government will now come to the table to discuss our proposals.

We feel strongly that now is the time to draw attention to what is a serious threat to every creative and cultural organisation looking to secure a sustainable home, and a future, in England.

The aim of this discussion paper is to highlight the potential impact on the creative industries, indicate how the proposals could be improved, and promote constructive responses from the artist studio sector that the Studiomakers initiative helps to represent.

You can download the discussion paper HERE.