Scott Collins Biennale Commission

The Scott Collins Biennale Commission

The Scott Collins Biennale Commission, spearheaded by longstanding patron Scott Collins, in partnership with Outset Contemporary Art Fund, is a unique annual commission that elevates the work of outstanding curators and artists on an international stage. Each year, the most exciting cultural institutions are selected to present a monumental project to take place at an international festival of art.

At the heart of the commission is the desire to expand the audiences of a biennial, critically engaging with the idea of viewership and access. Who can attend a biennale? What is the use of a national pavilion if its citizens cannot attend? Projects are developed with technological engagement in mind, placing this project at the forefront of the arts agenda. The commission is leveraged with the donation of works to physical institutions, creating a lasting legacy of engagement. This project establishes a new chapter of impact for Outset, being at the forefront of a transformative arts agenda, enabling emerging voices to be experimental and nurturing the next generation of cultural leaders.