Outset Partners Grants Programme, Cycle IV

We are delighted to announce the recipients of six grants in Cycle IV of Outset’s major arts funding programme, Outset Partners.

Established in 2018, the Outset Partners are a dynamic collective of international philanthropists who work together to meet the evolving needs of the global cultural sector. The group is directed by a Research and Strategy Lead for each cycle, who crafts a framework for Outset Partners’ deliberations and decision-making, supporting their uniquely iterative and consensus-driven approach to funding transformation in the arts. Outset Partners are keen to learn what art institutions need and why, what motivates them and where they want to be tomorrow. They are willing to take risks on behalf of genuine innovation and the prospect of meaningful impact.

In its fourth cycle of funding, the programme has awarded grants totalling £275,000 across a range of agenda-setting museums, galleries and organisations to support challenging new art projects with a demonstrable transformative aspect for the creative sector.

“For Outset Partners, each year brings a new insight into the arts sector as we gain an ever-expanding perspective of the challenges faced by cultural institutions around the world; some are longstanding and continue to be felt across the sector, whilst others seem to have rapidly risen in urgency. This cycle shed light on the unparalleled value of community – from spearheading conversations around decolonisation; to connecting marginalised identities; uplifting young children in schools; examining shared experiences of loneliness globally; challenging systemic gender inequities and shining a light on overlooked diasporic voices. Outset Partners believe that the six grant recipients will make powerful and transformational societal changes, and these issues will be addressed as communities are built and connections rebuilt, with art at the very core of this journey ahead.”

Candida Gertler OBE, Co-founder & Co-Director, and Nicolette Cavaleros, Co-Director, Outset Contemporary Art Fund, on behalf of Outset Partners