Outset Partners Grants Programme | FAQs

Please note that information will be updated on this site on an ongoing basis; a complete set of guidelines and instructions on how to apply will be posted once applications open on 9 September.

Who can apply?
The Outset Partners Grants Programme is only open to public and/or non-profit organisations who have been invited to apply.

How do I apply?
Applications should be submitted via an online application form. Only complete applications will be considered.

Please note we will not be able to accept applications that have been sent in by mail or posted to us.

When will full application details be available?
Institutions that are invited to apply will receive all related information and a link to the submissions platform on 9 September 2019. For your convenience, PDF copies of the application form will also be provided on this date, but will not be available before.

Who is managing the application process?
The application and feedback process is managed by Marta Arenal Llorente (Artistic and Institutional Liaison, Outset Grants).

How are decisions made?
The judging panel is composed of Outset Partners who make decisions in close consultation with Outset’s Steering Committee (formed of a group of engaged individuals who have been ongoing patrons of Outset and/or sit on its Board of Trustees). Each Outset Partner has a voting right and is thus personally involved in the selection process.

Following careful consideration and deliberation, and after a shortlisting process in January 2020, Outset Partners will convene in March 2020 to judge and select awarded proposals.

Successful applicants will be notified in March 2020 and grants publicly announced in May 2020.

If you have any further questions  please contact Marta Arenal Llorente, Artistic and Institutional Liaison, Outset Grants: marta@outset.org.uk