Outset Greece Open Call 2022

For category of residencies please send:

  • A Cover letter explaining why applicant is attending the residency programme
  • Applicants bio and short portfolio
  • A formal acceptance letter from the residency programme
  • A breakdown of financial expenses related to residency participation
  • Contact details (full name, email, phone number, address)

Terms and Conditions

The grant will be rewarded from Outset Greece towards the host institution and not to the participating artist directly.

The institution that will receive the grant must hold the status of a non-profit organisation with a working bank account.

The residency programme must take place abroad.

Successful applicants must be able to provide a valid legal document acknowledging receipt of the grant.

Applicants must hold a Greek passport.

Outset Greece must be informed in due course for any changes in the applicants participation to the residency programme.

Outset Greece has the right to share related material on the organisation’s website and social media channels.

We are looking forward to your projects!