Since our founding in 2003, Outset has been at the forefront of impactful arts philanthropy, raising over £16 million, supporting over a thousand artists and hundreds of projects. Throughout the past two decades, Outset has established influential models of responsive arts philanthropy with innovative public-private schemes, such as the Outset Frieze Tate Fund (2003–2015). 

Outset UK’s flagship fund, Outset Partners, has provided over £1.6 million of funding to 25 international projects in its first five cycles since 2018. Partners are a dynamic collective of international philanthropists who work together to meet the evolving needs of the global cultural sector. Outset has a research and consensus-driven approach to funding transformation in the arts. The charity’s mission is to be there at the outset of impactful change.

We believe in the use and value of our work in supporting creative freedom, and the importance of its continued existence. We champion open dialogue between artists, institutions and their funders.

There are currently six active Outset chapters around the world which are independently run, with their own structure, supporters, fundraising models and supported projects.

Outset UK fundraises from individual supporters located around the world and awards funding annually to international public art institutions following a rigorous selection process committed to fair and democratic principles.