National Portrait Gallery Commission 2018-2023

National Portrait Gallery Commission 2018-2023

Each year, the National Portrait Gallery commissions a small number of portraits every year as part of its commitment to collecting portraits of those who have made an important contribution to British history and culture. In 2018, supported by Outset Patron Scott Collins, the National Portrait Gallery commissioned a series of three portraits between 2018-2023.

Candida Gertler OBE, Director and Co-Founder of Outset Contemporary Art Fund, said:

“Outset is delighted to see the second year of this flourishing private-public partnership with Scott Collins and the National Portrait Gallery, which continues to foster the institution’s essential collection. Outset has always been at the forefront of supporting culture from the grassroots to the world stage; as the world continues to evolve, it is evermore important to protect the legacy of those who positively impact our lives, starting with the Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala
Yousafzai, depicted by Iranian artist Shirin Neshat, and now with Sir Jony Ive, a masterful designer, whose creations revolutionised our lives, by yet another master of its field, Andreas Gursky. At Outset, we always strive for excellence and couldn’t be more delighted to be here, celebrating outstanding achievements with great art.”

Scott Collins, Managing Director, Summit Partners, L.P., Outset Capital Circle Patron, said:

“It is a sincere privilege to partner with Outset to commission this series of important works for the National Portrait Gallery. I am thrilled in particular this year to help bring together Mr. Gursky, a master of contemporary photography, with Sir Jonathan Ive, a master of contemporary design. What a special combination it is.”